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I have an xpan which I use quite often but I also will like to try my MF cameras to get more options
You get yourself two empty spools from 120 film, place tape on either end of both using an exposed piece of film for a template. Now get a 30m roll of B&W film and take it into a dark closet. Fill one spool with the 135 film. Trim the ends nicely so you can feed it into the other spool's slot. Place the spool in your camera, block off any red window you might have on the back of the camera.
If you are shooting a lever advance back or the like, just advance like it was 120 film. If it's a wind-on like in a folder, you'll have to guess. Unload in the dark onto your developer reels.

Or find a Yashica 635 adapter for 135 film and make it work in your camera with standard 135 cassettes. You'll still have to unload in the dark and wind the film back into the cassette but it's easier to do color processing down at the Photomat that way.

Or get out your 8x10 Deardorff with the splitter boards and shoot 4x10... yippee!

tim in san jose