I'm not sure I understand very well so I want to know what you think of the following considerations:
I was always wondering how some good images have that 3D look; they have a certain depth that makes you feel it draws you in. What exactly are the elements that give such quality to a picture? I figure it must be:
- Quality of light
- Composition
- Multitude of tones
- Contrast
- Sharpness

I think this is all part of the process that takes place in our brains where objects are identified, set apart from the foreground/ background and placed in space. Moreover the brain constantly compares current images against esthetical standards from the memory data base or even with other images qualified as exceptional respectively poor/ unacceptable.
This is where we get the “like” or “dislike” feeling when we look at an image.
Even ordinary objects can look extraordinary when these elements are taken into account by the photographer. I know this is a very complex and specialized topic however keeping things at the common sense level please let me know how you feel about it; Am I missing something?