Hi All!
Well, today, my hubby & I went to a Photo Flea Market, and we did NOT come home with a flea.
We came home with a Hasselblad 500 c/m with a Carl Zeiss planar 2.8/80 lens. I hope this is good. It looked wonderful, and it fit so nicely in my hands that I was smitten immediately!!
Well, I have never owned anything but 35mm, and I have no idea how to work this thing! The dealer gave me an old roll of film to fool around with after I told him I do B&W and develop my own. (He was excited to hear that)
So, I hunted for some instructions on the web, but it looks like I should spring for a Hasselblad Book???
I don't even know how to load this thing! He showed me generally, bt the place was hoppin' so I did not want to take too much of his time.
So any encouragement, revelations, ideas, etc would be very helpful! I am so excited I can hardly sit down!!!