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Sometimes the film magazines have light leaks, but they can be repaired quite cheaply.

Also the self-timer has some funny quirks. One is that you can't use it with a cable release attached.
I guess it depends on what you mean by "cheap". A Light Seal kit, does not cost a whole lot of money: having a magazine re-built professionally is not quite "cheap."

Whether or not there is a "self-timer" depends on the shutter. The older "Coumpur" shutters have a lever that can be set to "V", "X" or "M". The "V" indicated the self-timer - set it, and the shutter would open ~ 10 seconds after you tripped it.
The "M" was for the old "M" synchronized flash bulbs - anyone remember them? - the "X" was for modern electronic flash.

The newer lenses have Prontor shutters... no self timer or "M" synch.