The other day I picked up a roll of Kodak Ektachrome EIR for a pound (1.3 USD/ 1.07 EUR). It's a rather expired roll (09 / 2005), but for that little I thought I'd give it a go in my Nikon FM. If it turns out then yay, if not oh well, I burned a pound.

Here's where I'm stuck; I've done lots of reading on the fact you'll need a filter (I have to hand a Cokin 003 (which is about a Wratten 25)), and that you'll have to bracket, but I'm unsure as to what my initial setting of the film speed should be. Searching the forums didn't appear to reap any results (I tried a few phrases and key words).

The Kodak documents talk of using a #12 filter (I'm to assume this is actually yellow?) and what setting to use depending on how I process it (AR-5 and #12 = ISO 100). However, I've been unable to track down how to translate this down to a #25. Searching around only shows results for HIR (#25 with HIR makes ISO 50), so I guess I have just a few questions:

  • What ISO should I be using with EIR and a #25?
  • Is a #25 the correct filter to use with EIR? If not, what is and is there a Cokin equiv?
  • Will such expired film actually work?

Sorry for the use of parenthesis. Sub-sentences for the win. Hope you can help!