I shot a roll of EIR in August, in Chigago using a Hoya "G" gold filter, at ISO 200. (I think) The results were pretty good, given that it was my only experience using this film and I had no opportunity to experiment and adjust my practices. One thing I learned is that though the scenes I was shooting were often quite colourful, the false-colour effect was most pronounced with foliage, flowers and fabrics. (the three "Fs"?) Concrete, steel and painted surfaces simply do not render the same vibrant colour palette. (I only wish I had a supply of this film now to practice what I have learned.)

There is a pronounced blue shift to the film, even with the gold filter. I've looked at the Flicker stream using the #25 red filter and I agree that it does look rather extreme. It might be ok for a few shots, but I don't think I'd shoot my only roll with it.

Good luck with this film, and let us know how everything works out for you.