[color=navy]A good time was had by all, I trust, on Saturday at the MAM. It was really nice to meet Jeanette in real time and she is a wonderful lady! The weather was absolutley perfect and the time went way toooo fast. The structure of that place takes my breath away at times, it is so beautiful. I feel fortunate to have such a facility so close. I was most impressed with Jeanettes navigational skills motoring through downtown Milwaukee as she completley dispelled the old "Hunter/Gatherer" theory! If I was going to be marooned on a desert isle for awhile and was able to pick the group of people to be marooned with, Jeanette, I'd pick you to be in my group! We need to do this again soon. It's always fun to see what Grace is up to as well. Like looking over and in the middle of a busy area seeing Grace having her friend laying down on the steps whilst Grace is crawling out of the box. Grace, I'd pick you to be in my desert isle group as well. We talked about Blansky and had a good laugh also ( I love the one about developing the fim in the toilet in the bathroom darkroom). Funny how when I pulled out the Mamiya 645 and Jeanette said she had never even seen a medium format camera.....and I read this morning how she went out and bought a Hassy yesterday! Can't wait to see some of the images. Now that Jeanette has a Hassy she might want to come down and hook it up to the Novatrons and try some studio stuff this winter. We'll have to keep that in mind, eh? Anyhow...great time and I'm glad to be alive.[/color]