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For testing in my last film run I ran an unexposed sheet. I cut a corner off this processed sheet for the Residual Hypo Test.

Test results: No stain detected (best result possible). I placed the cut corner on top of the rest of the sheet and still couldn't detect any stain. Even when looking at it on a light table.

My conclusion is that the "Ilford wash method" works very well indeed for my workflow. Total wash water for 10 sheets of 5x4 film is just two liters of (distilled) water, or 200ml per 5x4 sheet. Pretty efficient I think.
I remember reading an earlier thread that recommenced two test, not just one. Made sense for me.

"And, the use of the silver nitrate test for hypo and silver sulfide for silver is a good pairing of tests to check the quality of the wash."