How do you recommend labeling the film drop off envelope to guarantee send out service for a set of b&w prints? I'd hate to have someone in the store expose the roll by accident.

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i have been using sam's club and walmart send out for close to 7 years now.
they have processed my 110, 8mm movie film, 120 chrome+c41
as well as chromogenic bw (both kodak and ilford)
as well as 35mm color, slides and some b/w that i didn't want to myself.
all the stores are different if they do it in-house. the stores i have used ( mostly sam's club )
send it out to fuji, and if it is 1/2 frame, c-41, movie film, 110 and 120 format films they send it all to dwaynes.
it is all - send out - since my store doesn't have a lab, and don't have any complaints. about fuji ( their albany ny plant )
or dwaynes. unlike paulie's comment, they are not drones or robots, and they actually have a clue, and they charge a fraction
of what the local pro-lab or local mini-lab might charge for the same service.
if this wasn't true, i wouldn't use them ...

i am not sure, but from what i remember, it is a discounted charge if you go through sam's or walmart rather than sending directly. i know this is true with everything from movie film to 120 film ...

why don't you call both dwaynes and walmart and compare prices ?