Ah!!!!!! It was a wonderful time! There was Grace, Mike, some of their friends & family and me. It was a small group, but hoping next time it will be larger!
Here is MAM's website:
It is a very cool bit of architecture!

The other place we went was Mitchell Park Domes. Very interesting!! Here's their website:

Geez...I feel like a tour director! haha

Well, Mike...How about them bananas!!! haha I go from never having touched a MF camera, to owning one all in less than 24 hours! haha I'll bet you can't tell how excited I am! Now all I have to do is read the manual and figure out how to get film into the thing! haha

It was wonderful meeting Mike & Grace and friends & family. Hope we can add more people to our next outing! Hey Mike...another book idea... "Rogue Analog Photographers". Look out Harley riders!

Good idea about a separate gallery, noseoil!