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Jeanette..........you're killing me girlfriend! I'm glad you made the step up to a larger negative. It's all over for you now as you will plunge head first helplessly to the land of bigger is better. Pretty soon the 120 will turn into microfilm as you go deeper in your quest for sharper and clearer. Seriously you're gonna love it. By the way, on my little point and shoot I had Saturday (the one you were laughing at and hurting my feelings) do you remember the make of the lens it had on it?......Carl Zeiss! Have fun with the new toy.
It's funny you mention that!!! When I saw the lens, I actually laughed out loud! haha "Hey! Carl Zeiss!" haha I think the guy sold us the camera just to get me the heck away from his table! haha

Ah Morten! there, there.....a nice little smell of Rodinal will help... it will be ok!