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I pay about $5 a roll at Walmart. It is fast and they call me when it's done. (takes about a week - faster than is used to be). I've put about a dozen rolls through them and I've only had flawless results and much better service than the local "pro" camera shops like Sammy's Camera. Highly recommended. I user them for 120 film too ($1.44 a roll for C41 printed). Same fast and low cost results with 35mm and 120 E6. In fact it is said they will process all 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm movie film even Kodachrome and I know for a fact they also do 110 film.

Contrary to what you might think, some of the employees at the Walmart photo departments actually know something about real analog photography. I guess this is where some art students or genuine enthusiasts end up working, which is good for users and it gives them some work in an area related to their training or disposition!

...maybe someday we'll all have to don the blue smock :-)
It all depends, what you are paying for at a pro lab theoretically is consistency. I started my lab jobs at a drug store, with an old optical mini lab.....we were still able to outprint frontiers and ran a business out of town which claimed to cater to pros/advanced amateurs.....why? We cared. It may have helped that my boss was the "district lab trainer", but the point is, if you wind up having a staff that CARES results will be better.