Hi All,

We are now on the latest forum software, however some functionality will be dormant until a few more site templates are updated. One of the biggest updates was to the social groups area and I have completed this for the most part. This is HUGE because now the social groups have their own integrated discussion forums (previously we had to hack them to work into our standard forums which was not ideal). The new social forums also allow you to subscribe to the discussions and get notified. This will actually make them far more usable now. For those with the old style forums I have imported them into the new social group discussion forums. Group owners can now also ad a logo for their group. There are also categories, I'll need to adjust the categories later (this will allow us to migrate regional groups into the social forums under a regional category.. allowing people to create their own regional groups..). I'll post more updates soon, but it's late and I need to run. Oh, Also moving to 3.8 allowed me to upgrade the blog system to 2.0. I haven't looked at it much but there should be better functionality there already or waiting to be switched on.

Please report any bugs here.