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Hello! Bought a mint C33 and 180 lens separately. The film advance seems to work fine without the lens on but when I install the lens the lever will only turn slightly but does advance the film with repeated back and forth motion. I downloaded a manual for the camera but instructions are somewhat vague regarding lens installation. I hope there is a simple solution and I am not doing something correctly rather than a problem with the camera. Maybe someone else has encountered this and can advise me. I can only hope. Many thanks in advance. T
My C330f has never had a problem like this. There is a caveat in Clyde Reynolds, "The Mamiya Book for twin-lens reflex users", focal press, 1977 which states, "Be careful when mounting this lens, that the spring-loaded, shutter-cocking connector does not jam against the body's cocking lever on the C33, C330, and C330f." No further explainaions is available. I just gave mine a try without any problem. Maybe, as grahamp stated, you have a "different" 150.