BTW, in my HOME studio, I have about 5 door hinges on the ceiling. The free end of the hinge has a zip-strip looped through the screw holes. This allows me to add come clamps and clip my muslins to the ceiling. For roll paper, I shove a dowel rod through the loops and attach the clamps at the end of the dowel rod to keep the rod from sliding out of the zip-strips.

For my lighting, I keep my stands for location shoots, I use angle iron pieces (the nice white painted ones about 1.5 feet long x 9" long. I screw it to the wall, just as if I was going to put a shelf on it, then on the free end, I attach a 1/4-20 nipple with a hex screw (or the kind for stroboframe brackets) and drop my Norman heads on it (with huge Chimera & Photoflex softboxes on it). Holds for great lighting angles, no stands to take up space, and no lights to be tripped over.

I always get asked "why are there hinges on the ceiling" by friends when they come over. Of course, when I get shooting, they understand.