It's hard to choose a favorite camera...too many good ones. But, if I was FORCED to pick two they would be Contax G2 and Nikon F5. Contax's handling is second to none, superb optics and (relatively) good value make it a winner. F5 is a machine that requires manhandling, but plethora of lenses on used market make it one heck of a system camera, and it's confidence-inspiring factor is second to none. You feel obligated to take a good picture when you have F5 in your hands. And it's faster than I'll ever be, seriously. If F5 had auto-rewind at the end of the roll (when you are done with a roll of film what else is there to do but rewind it?) and leave-the-leader-out features it'd be perfect. Contax G2 does both of those things, but it's auto focus is not as precise (or fast) as F5, nor does it have advanced features of F5. I AM TORN!!!