I don't use a chemical stop-bath for film or paper, so when processing film, I change the tank water by fill-and-dump six times between developer and the fix and use the Ilford Method for a final wash.

I prepare my wash water ahead of development by keeping gallon jugs of tap water with the prepared solutions and distilled water I use for mixing and processing, thus everything is in the same temperature range. This also means I am not running water while processing and a small, two reel steel tank can be processed with less than two gallons of tap water.

If I needed to use distilled water only, I'd use the Ilford Method for both washes and reduce wash-water usage to under a gallon. I believe distilled water is currently 54 a gallon at WalMart.

I use TF-4 fixer to reduce print wash times, as well as a wash aid, if doing paper base and I'm using a low-flow, battery-box 'archival' washer with the outlet feeding a common tray washer for an initial first rinse.