Well, I went out and did it spent an exurbanite amount of money on what I hope to be a lifetime camera. I think I got a great deal on my Contax 645 AF with a Karl Ziess 80mm 2 T lense. I have put 4 roles through it already and am enjoying the balance and the SLR feel of it. Aside from the motorized gadgetry it handles like my 35mm but just a little heavier. However much lighter than the RB67 Tank. A couple of questions:

1. It has a TTL meter and spot meter, should I trust the spot meter or would any of you suggest an actual hand held meter?

2. I recently made a trip to Harpers Ferry and took all three of the cameras, What a lot to haul around. Is there a case out there that offers a convenient way to haul all my equipment that is not so bulky or awkward to carry? Now keep in mind I don't mean lights, just my 35, the RB67, and this new one.