Dear All,

You APUGGERS are pretty quick......!

I was going to post the announcement when product was in the shops ( we did'nt want people going to shops when it was not in stock ):

KENTMERE film is absolutely BRAND new, 2 new emulsions, 35mm only, at a competitive price, it is not a 'rebadged' ILFORD Film, I think I have stated many times WE DO NOT SUPPLY PRIVATE LABEL even to a BRAND we own.

These products are just launched now in the USA and CANADA and are available via our exclusive distributor in the USA for all KENTMERE products, WYNIT Inc, and AMPLIS in Canada...

Please note : These products are just starting to ship into distribution now, so check with your reseller that it is in stock before you go and try and buy, it takes a while to be delivered and put on computer till systems etc, etc,

I will be pleased to get feedback once you have tried these new products.

Kind Regards

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :