Looks like there might be some interest! The reason I thought the area(NC PA) would be good is that it is central to most of NY & PA. Heck we are only 3hrs from Buffalo & less then 5 hrs form Toronto! The area I'm sugesting is mostly mountains. Not many old farm buildings. Lots of old hunting camps & beautiful scenery. There are a few old towns scattered throughout the area. One is Wellsboro, PA. http://www.wellsboropa.com Also, there is the PA Grand Canyon which Pine Creek runs through.
Now this area is about 45 minutes from the Kettle Creek area I suggested in my 1st post. The Wellsboro area is also loaded with Cabins, B&B's, Motels, & campgrounds.

After thinking about it I think the Wellsboro area is a better choice because there are more options for lodging & food.

So, how do we pick an area to try to hold this event?

Oh, I agree that Letchworth state park is beautiful & would be a great place to hold it. Also over near Watkins Glen area would be another great location. Either of these 2 areas would have more old farms to photograph.

Sugesstion please????