Hi, I started off with a Minolta XG1, then I moved up to a Minolta XD7, of which I used to have 2, one for black & white and one for colour. I liked them as I was using them to photograph bands in dim light and I just used to set the shutter speed and it did the rest. Then someone sold me a Nikon F body for about 40 (it was a while ago) and the images were superb, plus the Minoltas were starting to fall apart. I still have the Nikon F and now own 2 Nikon F2s and a Rolliflex TLR which is very old, but is superb. I have also owned a Hasselblad 500 and this I found to be the best of all, but business was bad, so I had to sell it. The chap I sold it to, still uses it.