Did you ever check www.FotoTV.com ?

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Often times we see requests on how-to here at APUG and I want to ask if there are people here that are willing to put together basic and advanced how-to videos to post under a common APUG banner on Youtube for download?

What I'm thinking about is starting with darkroom, for example, bulk-film loading, basic b&w small tank development, compounding a solution, etc, on through advanced techniques in a 'one-point lesson' format.

Other topics such as building a 'table-top studio', the proper loading and unloading sheet film holders, to how to make an incidental light meter reading would also be important; things many of us take for granted can be real puzzlers to others that have no mentor to learn from. While a million books are out there with gazillion tips how to do these things, many people will never read them, looking to the web for instruction.

With all the talent on this site, I'm reasonably sure there are plenty of folks here that can pick out some subject that they feel can be of help to fellow photographers newbies and old timers as well.