This being an analog forum and all, is it permissible to discuss the digital solution I came up with? Sorta, that is?

I started carrying with me my little digital voice recorder (used at my real job) to make verbal notes about exposures, etc. Then I found I hadn't figured out a foolproof way to distinguish which film sheet came from which numbered holder, and therefore which film (processed in a Jobo, so all mixed up and out of order) corresponded with which verbal note. Then of course I had to listen to the notes and try to find THE note in question, or transcribe them in all a sitting. Not that there were that many (despite the logorrrhea that is my affliction both here on APUG as well as in real life); but it was rather a PITA. Plus, fishing the voice recorder out of the dank recesses of my photo-vest- or overcoat pockets, or leaving it out and handy but not lost (like the Sekonic 358 and monopod I walked off and left once), proved to be beyond my limited mental means.

Naturally, I reached for a gear-intensive solution: one of those voice-activated microphones I could attach to my lapel (photo vest neck, that is) and speak into like some silver-halide secret agent. Can't recall if it was unavailable for my particular voice recorder, or merely ruinously expensive. Either way, the whole scheme got deep-sixed.

My LF activities are currently on hold pending the arrival of a Chamonix from the Middle Kingdom, so my chief MF record-keeping task is getting the date and location correct for frames on rolls which span several days of shooting around life's less pleasant activities--like that real job, for instance! For this, I record the basic info, plus shooting dates, on the little film-box top in the memo holder on the back of some of my MF gear. But since I buy film in pro-packs, I often don't have boxes! So I used some rewriteable labels originally designed for floppy disks that allow you to write with a Sharpie, and erase with their special eraser. Put one on every film back or camera-body back. Great--but where in the name of all that is holy DID I PUT THE #($*%@!! eraser?

A notebook and pencil are looking better all the time. Gotta drag out my old Picker notebook.

BTW, perhaps for another thread---how do you all notch or groove or otherwise modify your film holders so that a holder number will appear in the film rebate, assigning each film a discernible holder number?