David, my apologies if I've not been clear on this; I'm not suggesting any one person attempt to put together an entire collection, rather, given the number of skilled members here, those with an inclination to do so, could contribute small videos as they see fit, on subjects that they are well acquainted and wish to share.

I singled out potter Simon Leach, not because it is a collection from a single person but because of the great depth of knowledge on a single subject being shared by one person in an open format freely.

There are many such persons working in todays arts and crafts, freely sharing their knowledge online in self-made videos and I think that with all the talented members here, enough interest can be generated to make a real contribution to the body of useful photo-related information out there, using APUG as a sort of common banner, so it stands out from the work of others. At the very least, such a collection will be easy to reference when trying to explain covered topics to new users.

Having said that, I will say that I don't view efforts to generate an income by others as selfishness or greed, those enterprises are simply other than what I have in mind when I broached the subject.