I think I have about thirteen videos on Youtube of varying usefulness. You can navigate to them from my signature, and they are free. The Intro to the Darkroom DVD I sell simply because it was totally impractical to spread 82 minutes of material on one subject over 9 Youtube videos, and because of the time and effort that went in to even that meager production. I'm certainly not getting rich on it, but it helps people, and will help fund time for and production of other DVDs. As David said, doing something right takes time and money. Doing it on a shoestring takes even more time. I was taught early on "fast, cheap, or good, pick any two at the exclusion of the third. I'd rather do something worth while, that's worth it to someone to pay for. Most of the stuff (there are exceptions) on film subjects on Youtube is worthless, or worse yet, incorrect.