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Just a quick follow up. I finally got around to testing the new Stonehenge. It cleared fine, but it was A LOT slower than Platine. I made an exposure with identical coating/time that worked for Platine in the same session, and the Stonehenge print was significantly lighter and the blacks were grainy. I didn't have time to do further testing, which I will, but the initial test led me think that the new Stonehenge wasn't behaving the same as the old stock.

I am liking the Platine and will probably buy some more.

My results were similar to Neal's. Exposure times for Stonehenge from a new lot were more than three times that of older stock - unacceptable. Happily, I was able to return the new 30X22 sheets in favor of 44X30 sheets that remained from the older stock. I bought out much of my local shop's inventory, which should keep me busy for a while.