No big purchases for me
- a spare plastic 8x loupe for $3 ( I dropped my existing one, and it cracked, so a spare for the next time that happens was in order
- a hard rubber tank with floating lid, and one 4x5 film hanger for $10. Now I have 2 tanks - one for dev, one for fix; the beginnings of a sink line. I plan to use a wash tub of water to rinse hangers between the developer and fix.
- a home made lamp thing made from empty food cans that I bought for $1 that I though I could turn into a safe light. On closer inspection once home it turns out it is a home brew enlarger head, complete with a set of condenser lenses, a negative carrier made of masonite hardboard, and a lens cone that holds the lens. The lens has a controllable aperture , although I have no idea of what the focal legth or coatings might be; it is unlabelled.

My best guess on the enlarger head is that it dates from the 50's, and was made with at least some parts ordered from a kit. It had a square light gate, and the neg carrier slot that looked like is would go with a 127 film format, which fits with the estimated period. I have slightly modified the light gate to suit the dimensions of 35mm frames, and the thing appears to work just fine. I am tempted to fit it onto a wood mount to control the head height, stick a 12v automotive tail light bulb in it, and mount it in the back of my truck to serve as part of an on the road darkroom that I was thinking to cobble together for a 5000km road trip that we are planning for a summer vacation this August.