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After thinking about it I think the Wellsboro area is a better choice because there are more options for lodging & food.
Centering on Wellsboro certainly sounds like a good choice. I suppose one question might be whether the intent would be to travel around as a group, or scatter from a central spot. It's been a few years since I last stumbled around that area, but I would think there are lots of possibilities. I recollect there is a lumbering museum of some sort at Galeton, with old saw mill equipment and the like. The town of Wellsboro itself has some neat old late 1800s architecture. The area was heavily logged in the late 1800s and early 1900s but is now well re-forested and encompasses large expanses of rugged mountains. The lumbering operations are so long gone there is likely little left -- maybe an occasional foundation. The area was always sparsely populated and is probably not as good for old farmhouses and the like as other parts of the state, but I'd expect to find a few.

I would hardly represent the attached image as one of my finest shots, but here's a negative scan of a late afternoon 4x5 shot, circa 1966, looking down into Penn's Canyon from the west rim at Colton Point State Park. There is now officially a trail along that rail right-of-way, not sure whether trains still run there or not. It gives some idea of what the terrain is like.