I was just mixing some concentrate ID-78 as per Ian Grant's formula, and commited a small mistake. I was going to mix enough for 2L of concentrate (to be dilluted 1:7) when I realized that I only had enough Pot Carb for 1L. By then, I already had 200g of Sodium sulfite in the water (instead of the 100g the concentrate recipee calls for).
To make a long story short, I decided to mix 1L of concentrate, but with twice the amount of sulfite. In effect, the working developer went from 12.5g of Sodium Sulfite per liter to 25g per liter. What should I expect from such an increase?

I know that Sulfite is an antioxidant - will it the developer last any longer than the correct formula or did I just waste 100g of sulfite?

I'm also aware that at certain concentrations sulfite acts as a solvent - but isn't it mostly above the 100g per liter concentrations? Will the jump from 12.5g/L to 25g/L have a major effect in tonality (grain size in the paper)?

Mostly, I'm just curious if I wasted the extra sulfite or not. If I did, next batch will be normal.

As always, thank's in advance,

André de Avillez