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I call it the Alternate Two Tray Still Water Diffusion Method.
THE LEAST water way to wash. See my just previous post
this thread. Fred Picker endorsed. Dan
I've repeated above only the last paragraph of my post 80 this
thread. Although the developer may be of any usable strength
the fixer used with the processing method I detailed is used
one-shot. The very dilute fixer is down the drain after one
or a few same time processed prints. That adds a little
to the method's overall use of water.

The volume of fixer used must be a multiple of the number
of prints same time processed in order to maintain the
fixer's silver levels within 'archival' levels.

With one shot developer, single tray processing is possible.
With one shot very dilute fixer a single fix yields 'archival'
results. With fresh chemistry each or a few prints same
time processed there is no carry forward build up of
chemistry. I've found no need for a stop bath of
any sort. All in all some big Pluses, +++. Dan