I like working with PDFs and usually save web info by choosing "Print" - "Save as PDF"; it's a lot easer for me to keep track of a PDF than most other file types. I also like that the excellent and free Openoffice.org software will allow you to create PDFs; does Adobe still charge for their PDF creation software?

Just who do we ask on APUG to make the changes to the Articles page to accommodate these suggested changes?

On the video front, I might be able to do a short bit on opening and modifying a Luna Pro SBC with a diode to use SR-44 batteries. I have to do this to my meter and it is a popular subject over on RangeFinderForum, where there are good stills and instructions on doing this. I just wish I had a second meter to do a dry run with; improv is not my strong suit... come to think about it, neither is soldering ;-)