In my color photography class (we have a darkroom just for color printing), someone from photo 1, which is a black and white class, stole a pack of Kodak 400CN film. It was my fault for leaving it in a drawer in the darkroom, but I laughed inside when I walked by the classroom one day and heard the photo 1 instructor talking about why you shouldnt develop CN-41 film in black and white developer.

During that same semester, I came home late one night and realized my camera bag wasnt in my car. In my bag, I had a Polaris incident/reflected light meter, a Canon Rebel K2, a Canon Rebel XTi, and a 70-200mm F/4.0L lens. I'm estimating that I paid about $1500 for all that and about $80 for the bag. Needless to say, I was panicking

I was sure I left it in the color darkroom (in the same darkroom where someone snatched my film). that was the first place I checked the next day, and it wasnt there! the only other place I had been was the digital imaging lab where I was working on my filmmaking project. About the time I came out of the darkroom in to the classroom, a classmate from filmmaking came in and asked if i left my camera bag in the imaging lab. My response was a half-ass jog out of the class over to the imaging lab to grab my stuff.

so, I guess what I'm trying to say is some dummy in a black and white class stole and processed at least some of my color film in black and white chemicals