When I wanted to learn how to print I ended up taking the continuing ed courses at Ryerson in photography. Twice a week, evenings...it was good. And I have to say, that although I learned a lot, it was not what I was expecting since the instructor had gone digital the semester I joined and was more interested in playing with his new toy than teaching us anything. Basically it was a lot of darkroom work and very little instruction or guidance. For those of us a little ahead of the game, that was quite good, but the beginners were really lost. But he was just one instructor, my impression was that the others were quite different in their approach.

I'd be sure to find out if the classes are strictly analog though. Although I was technically in a black and white (and later colour and advanced black and white) course, a lot of the students were allowed to shoot digitally and hand in inkjet prints, which sort of ran counter to the whole reason behind the course. That was a couple of years ago though, maybe things have sorted themselves out by now.