In 1965, I had three photographs stolen off the wall of the art department at San Francisco State.

I had a piece (photo etched metal fabricated piece with a lock of Ken Cory's hair hanging out of it -- Ken was one of the more interesting and best jewelers of the 20th Century) from the Seattle Art Museum's Rental shop.

I lost a Turner Reich triple convertible lens that I left briefly unattended on a pile of dogfood in a grocery store when shooting a friends engagement portrait (he was a checker).

My garage in Tacoma WA was broken into in 1995 and my tools were stolen. I had a house in the hilltop area, which at the time was really a high crime area.

I lost a Linhof Technica III which was "borrowed" and never returned by a fellow named H*** Foster who was a student at Shoreline Community College near Seattle Washington in the mid 1990's. I haven't seen that b*****d for more than a decade now. I had given him a great deal, including a clarinet, and that is what I got back. With it were a Goerz Dagor 150mm, a Schneider Angulon 90mm, and an f/4.7 Ektar.