Okay, so after my trip to the UK over Christmas to see family and feasibility of an APUG trip to Cornwall, I think this trip is really doable. I was gone for 6 days and travel each way was included in that. I was able to visit family and find time to crank through 21 rolls of film. If this was a dedicated photo trip, I think we will have a lot of opportunity to photograph.

I still need to quiz my sisters neighbors who were not around when I was there unfortunately, regarding costs to rent their holiday cottage for 5 days. That said, with 10 x US folks, it would be very tight. I will try to get this taken care of in the next few weeks so that we have some idea of costs. At the time of year were thinking of going (feb through Apr) flights from Minneapolis to London Gatwick on Northwest should be reasonable, but obviously that could change. One other option would be to get a flight from London Gatwick to Newquay in Cornwall. It's a short layover, but eliminates a 5 hour drive after being in the air for 8 1/2 hours overnight. Then we could rent some vehicles in Newquay. It would also give us more time to shoot, and less travel time driving from and back to London to get flights from Gatwick. With many of us spreadout across the US, I am thinking the best approach would be to make sure your flights to London would get in around the same time so that we could all get the connection to Newquay. There are direct flights from Detroit, Minneapolis, and other places,but we need to figure out a date to start working with as this trip is only a year or so away now.

So far interested parties are:-

Bill Schwab
Ike Eisenlord
Thomas Bertilsson
Daniel Lin
Travis Nunn
Marianne (Mayfair 710)
Peter Schrager
Jeff Bannow
Eva Bannow

From the UK:-

Bill Spears
Mark Burley
John Bragg
Steve Smith
Neil Souch
Ian Grant
Lucie Averill (My sister potentially)