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I don't have a fear of heights, but if I have not been dealing with it, a ladder or taking a tree down from the top-down,it takes me a few hours before I am totally at ease, stretching over the abyss, or going up on the rungs, or bending branches, you are not supposed to be on, and few days before I start acting like a monkey in a tree.

Continual exposure, may not make you feel at ease, but it may make you more comfortable.
I'm the same way, somewhat. There is the initial fear that I overcome rather quickly.

Example: The first time going up a very tall ladder I'm clinging to the ladder and looking down, feeling very tense, but after being on the ladder for a few minutes the tension goes away. After that I'm practically running up an down the ladder, feeling at ease. I don't have a problem looking down from the edge of a roof, or cliff, as long as my toes aren't hanging over the edge, but only after standing back for the first few seconds.