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There are some already available. JBrunner, one of the moderators here, has set up some videos on YouTube about film developing.
Yes! His videos pushed me over the edge to get me to start processing my own film and now my wife laments how I take over the dining room, the kitchen, the spare bathroom!

I think these videos are invaluable and, for me anyway, have been most instructional on how to get into analog photography (coming from a Weyland-Yutani Whizbanger ABC123 with the high pass demodulator). I would certainly like to see more.

Some more things I'd like to see:
* More complete introduction to view cameras, including press cameras.
* More in-depth introduction to movements on a view camera.
* Enlarging process.
* Introductions to lesser-known camera types. How many of the Xbox age know what a rangefinder is? A folder? Many who see me on walkabouts with my TLR think that it's some kind of an analog movie camera.

And remember to tag your videos as "APUG" to make them easier for us novices to find!