Thanks, but unfortunately I don't have any Sodium carbonate on hand either, which is why I had used Pot Carb instead. That's fixed now, as I've just placed an order for 8lbs of Sodium Carbonate and 10lbs of Sodium Sulfite (only had 200g left).

I don't think that anything bad will come out of doubling the sulfite concentration (it might make grains smaller = colder tone, but I doubt it). I'm hoping that it will lead to a longer tray life, but I think that worst case scenario nothing will happen.

I'd like to be able to dillute 4L of working solution, use it for a day, pour it in a bottle and use it again a few days later. Maybe 25g/L of Sulfite in a PQ developer will allow for that. I know that Diafine (a PQ developer as well), which in my experience has lasted a while, has 35g/L in bath A and 65g/L in bath B (some people have reported 35g/L with no adverse effects). Then and again, Diafine is not used in trays, so much less oxidation takes place.

Heck, I know that the only way to know is to test, but I'm always willing to sponge off of other's knowledge if it will save me some effort :rolleyes:...

Thank you for responding, and thanks for the advice.