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Wayne, Good choice on bringing the 'blad. I have a century graphic for my MF 'travel' camera, because the lenses are cheap and interchangeable with my 4x5. I carry 2 backs, one for color and one for B&W. (I just got an Rb and I like how the backs fit my century)

Anyway, 'blads dont focus close like our RB's do, so make sure to bring either an extention tube or a +1 filter. I would also reccomend a monopod.

Oh, I dont know where you stand on film, but I've been into fast color film lately. Take a roll of fuji 800 NPZ and try it for street shots.
I also have a Century but it doesn't have a rangefinder. It also has bad catches for the GG back, but the rollfilm fits.

Having shot NPZ, it's just too low contrast with diluted colors for me. I've got some in the freezer I won't shoot unless necessary. Might be good for flowers tho, Hmmmm?

Got the monopod, but a Slik 713 CF is quite nice for $250.

Aggie, thanks for the rec on the Tamrac. I'm looking into it.