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Not to be curmudgeonly, but what's wrong with reading and studying? Many millions learned to do photography without YouBlub or whatever it is. Ever tried producing an instructional video? Takes a significant amount of time and equipment which adds to up to expense invested. Unless that is, you want cell phone video.

I only seriously started taking up photography in early 2008. Most of what I have learned was from reading. But there are some practical skills where video is a more appropriate teaching tool. For example, I learned more from jbrunner's video series about how to process my own film at home than I did from the books that I read. Rather than read awkward descriptions of how to load the film onto the reel, I just watched jbrunner do it and started developing my own method based on what he demonstrated.


Millions learned to do photography without Youtube because Youtube was not available. Just because we here prefer analog photography does not mean that we need to take an Amish outlook on all technological developments. Some people enjoy making and sharing these videos, and some (like me) certainly enjoy seeing them. It's as close as many of us will ever get to having an experienced analog photographer around to help teach us the ropes.

If you don't want to make videos, then don't.

If you don't want to watch videos, then don't.

But please don't come crapping up threads meant for people who enjoy making and watching these videos.