Okay, after seeing several posts on here and other forums about the possibility of SK Grimes fixing the known winder problems on the Mamiya 6 camera system. I decided to get the real low down instead of the fiction and rumors i had heard. However this rumor started I don't know, but I sent an email to SK Grimes to see if they had in fact made a replacement winder for this camera for anyone. The answer was no they did not have a project listed in their database for this particular fix. However, it may have been conducted prior to their database being created, and they could certainly look into it!!

Here is the text I received back from them:-

Good Day Andrew,

Thank you for the link. I've been unable to locate a project associate
with this type of repair. It may have been conducted before we instituted the new database.

I would be happy to look into designing/fabricating a replacement lever, but would need a camera on hand to start the process.


S. K. GRIMES -- MACHINE WORK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS P. O. Box 1724, 32 Mechanic Ave Unit 222 Woonsocket RI, 02895

So, it maybe possible to fix this problem, but my M6 is working fine for now. I am trying to gauge how many folks would be interested in helping with this effort? I could certainly send mine in as a reference camera, but we would likely need them to see one with the failed parts as well so they know what to replace. Then comes the cost of doing this. If there are enough people willing to absorb the cost of making this part, I think that route might make this more pallatable by all. Especially if we make a larger run of them and have them fitted.

Anyone interested in this??