this must be a bit of magic...

Many years ago, someone had asked in a forum somewhere, how to cut negatives with scissors. Now most people who do this on a regular basis don't think about it twice, and many answers indicated such, but the original poster was very worried about cutting crooked and wrecking their negs... someone, who's name I can't remember posted an answer I thought was great and applicable to many things in life!. What makes this "magic" for me, was I haven't been able to find this paragraph again and I've search high and low for it. Just after replying earlier, I was doing some work (after all, I'm at work!) and opened a 'draft' note with no title and there it was! My note is dated Feb 2001.

Anyway, the paragraph read as follows.

"You have stumbled on one of life's great questions - how not to make mistakes. The obvious answer is to do nothing. But this is the biggest mistake of all, since you will end up having accomplished nothing. The best solution is to not shy from anything - but to learn to concentrate on what you are doing. This sounds obvious, but how often are you thinking of the next thing you need to do or of something you've already done while you do a simple task, and end up screwing up? I find that concentrating on whatever I'm about gets the job done quicker, easier, and more often correctly and even creatively than when my mind is divided. The trick is to learn to do it amidst all the distractions that beset us nowadays" ...Anon