I hope January finds everyone well! The new darkroom is up and running; still have some final touches to work on, but, it's been used by a decent # of folks so far and the feedback has been positive. Photos will go into the "darkroom portraits" thread when I'm all done.

  • I'm still tripping over Durst 5x7 enlargers... building shelves to put parts on, then will begin stripping in earnest
  • Omega D5 - same thing, ready to part out 3 full enlargers and a bunch more heads
  • Beseler 23C and 45MX -- will begin them in a few weeks, first need to visit a local HS and see which parts they'll be needing to keep theirs up and running.
  • Easels - anyone need parts? Like enlargers, they are heavy/bulky and worth less than shipping... I'll experiment with some spare blades, blade locks and such - see if that's worth while.


  • I just got some Kentmere in, distributed by Harman Tech. -- see my eBay store for pricing (as competitive as I can get right now - check all listings, some items will show 'free' shipping while others will have a lower start price and you pay shipping -- especially good for when you are buying multiples)
  • For now I just have the film and some RC Lustre paper... will continue to fill out the line as demand warrants such expenditures.