Hello Michael,

Neither am I (good enough that is), and I shoot 20x24, not to mention an absurd range of other formats. However, I am delighted that all these ULF and unusual not so ULF sizes are still being done on special order. From time to time I can participate, and there is always the chance of finding someone with spare film or someone who changes formats, for whatever reason, and has some film on remainder.

A bit of sticker shock, but I have this printer on my desk that I bought new for $0.01 (Canadian) after three rebates. I won't tell you how much the ink costs.

So, if a box of film costs 5-20% of the cost of a new camera, that's a good deal. Maybe we'll see single use ULF cameras .

Now, I am only thankful that I have no talent or this could get really expensive.

Sorry for the digression William. Glad to see the notice.