The only hangout that I know of for panoramic photographers is the International Association of Panoramic Photographers ( http://www.panphoto.com ). I don't know how many Panoram folks are on there, as most on there seem to chat about Circuts and more modern panoramic cameras. However, Bill McBride (arguably the foremost expert on Kodak Panorams) is a member, so maybe you can connect with him and he can steer you to others.

I know of where you can get a 3A instruction book . . . e-mail me at bigusmith@yahoo.com if interested and I will let you know about that.

The 3A Panorams have lately been bringing about the same price as No. 1's on that infamous auction site, usually around $300 of so if in working condition and not too worn in appearance . . . prices do tend to swing widely, so anywhere from $150 to $450 is possible in this crazy market. Having the original cases is a plus, as one doesn't see them very often. You might clean them up, and if you know how to properly treat old leather with saddle soap. neatsfoot oil, mink oil, etc that would help, especially to soften the leather where it is cracking at the folds.

Good luck with them.