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Testing will always help verify the quality of any wash method.

Mason's math and reasoning has shown me how careful you must be, because without proof, any error will not show up until your prints are 20+ years old. I have some of the first prints I ever made from the time I was about 12, and they looked great to me. Recently, I found some of them in an album and they were all brown and spotty.

PE Are we talking about the efficacy of Ilford's neg wash here rather than print wash?

Tom. It just seems to me that Ulrich's article does involve scientific comments on neg washing. I was simply saying that short of an article that proves unequivocally that the Ilford method fails to deliver archival negs and short of similar conclusions to a similar effect from two eminent photographers who have developed and printed for nearly 40 years plus TEX's experience that maybe a conclusion that the Ilford method works was a reasonable assumption.

I don't know about you but I doubt if I'll have any interest in my negs beyond the next 25 to 30 years max due to age. That's my age not the negs