I don't know about you but I doubt if I'll have any interest in my negs beyond the next 25 to 30 years max due to age. That's my age not the negs
I hope either you or someone else does have an interest in them.

For the record I use a combination of continuos flow and standing water diffusion for film, not rigorously tested as of yet though. I process film in a Jobo as well as Paterson tanks and trays so perhaps PE might be able to comment on potential washing efficiencies based on processing method. I am planing to test for washing soon. I suspect some process issues may turn up in the shorter term as well. Today I use film fixer either one shot or for a limited number of films; however when I got started processing my own film in 2003 I used the film fix many times, but within ILFORD stated capacities. Even so, something may show up.