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Here's one version of my akaline buffered "rapidized" fix - quantities are not critical. I use cups, spoons and dashes...
Hi Ole!,
I decided to prepare your OF-1 formula and some (newbie) questions arise:

1.- Ammonium chloride was hard to dilute in cold water, can hot water be used instead if it better works? (those 600 ml you propose)

2.- Can all components be mixed altogether in dry powder version and water be added right before the use?

3.- How long does OF-1 lasts once prepared? (full strength)

4.- What 10% metaborate means?. I assume that a 1000ml 100% mix should use 1000g metaborate and therefore a 20cl 10% means 2g of metaborate diluted in 20cl water?.

Thank you in advance,
Juan Miguel