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Rangefinder photography isn't for everyone, and it's not the best tool for every job. Hold on to your Pentax camera(s) and lens(es).
I suppose the biggest thing I'd notice would be the minimum focus distance that appears to stop at 0.7m, which means I won't be able to get to close regardless of how wide the lens is. I'd like to have both, but I'm thinking if a rangefinder covers my 35mm street/travel/day-to-day needs, I could invest in a medium format SLR for artsy/portraiture/studio work. I feel like 35mm slr does both ok, but neither exceptionally well.

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As you love your XA: try to get a XA2, I picked one up in Holland for 25 Euro's with its flash.
There must be a thread about them at the 35mm forum....

But the XA isn't giving me enough exposure control or focusing ease, the XA2 seems even worse in this respect, hence the desire for a Bessa.