Interesting thread, in that so many people have responded in so many ways, ranging from guilt to almost religious testifying to the use. I would think that it is a personality thing. I also carry a 5x7 notepad in my kit with the best intensions of using it as described. In reality one pad has lasted several years. I have jotted notes when I discovered that a lens needed tightening on a Sinar board or cleaning, that I needed to carry an extra tool in the kit or car. I have written down that I needed to purchase more supplies or go back to such and such location at a different time of day or with different lighting conditions. I have even exchanged addresses and phone numbers with delightful people I have met. I donít remember ever writing down what was supposed to be there.

I was in sales for forty years and I was told that sales people were always bad with paper work. It was as good an excuse as I needed to avoid call reports as long as I was over quota and could get away with it. I have photographed with a lovely lady who is an accountant. She comes by this documentation thing naturally and I think it works for her. I know a person who makes elaborate detailed notes who consistently takes lousy pictures. He collects all sorts of equipment, but rarely does the grunt work to learn how to use it. His worst pictures are blamed on the models. Another fellow mysteriously takes out a Palm Pilot and jots down things all the time. I donít know if he uses it for this. My step son, an author in his thirties uses one of the moleskin booklets that is his "life". He has used this since I met him when he was 13 and it seems to work very well for him. If it works for you, God Bless. I am always too busy taking pictures and forget.

John Powers